TON Wallet
TON wallet allows you to make fast and
secure blockchain-based payments
without intermediaries.
24 Secret Words
Please restore access to your non-hardware wallet by
entering the 24 secret words you wrote
down when creating the wallet.
Your TON wallet has just been created.
Only you control it.
To be able to always have access to it,
please set up a secure password and write
down secret words.
24 secret words
Write down these 24 words in the correct
order and store them in secret place.
Use these secret words to restore access to
your wallet if you lose your password or
access to this device.
Test Time!
Now let's check that you wrote your secret
words correctly.
Please enter the words , and below:
Secure Password
Please choose a secure password
for confirming your payments
Ready to go!
You're all set. Now you have a wallet that
only you control - directly, without
middlemen or bankers.
Your balance